Rap Quest 2 Now Available!

It’s been a trip, folks, and it’s still going! Rap Quest 2 is now on Google Play and in the App Store. I’m happy to have completed the first couple of public versions of the game, and trust me – there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Even through the first releases, the game has gone from Landscape to Portrait mode on Android (apparently a dramatic enough change to require an uninstall/reinstall), and everything else has been updates based on YOUR feedback!

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I want to thank all the Android Beta testers out there that helped give feedback along the way, and those of you that continue to give reviews and other feedback on social media. Every bit is helpful (even when you’re mad).

Side Note: as for the iOS players out there, I want to get the Portrait update to the app out there in the App Store as well, but as I’ve been force to switch build systems (Intel XDK to Cocoon.io), the growing pains are almost more than it’s worth. I’ll see what I can do, but in the meanwhile, I hope the Landscape mode is still fun(ctional) for you.

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