FDG Dev Diary: Part 2

What’s up y’all? Skipping all of the languish of how long it has taken to get back to this Rap Quest 2 diary, I’ll start by saying that three interesting things have happened since the last/first diary entry:

  1. I quit making more updates to Rap Quest 2 in order to pursue new game titles.
  2. I quit making games altogether to go back to my first passion of making music (specifically–you guessed it–Rap).
  3. I started working on Rap Quest 2 updates again.

Now, it may be obvious from the sequence, but one thing I’ve had a difficulty with is consistency in my craft. That’s a lifelong battle I’ve been chipping away at. Also, I can be a little fickle at times, thinking that my next big idea is going to catapult me to some heightened acceleration to success.

I remember thinking in 2006 that Rap, if I could be successful at it, would earn me capital to start a game studio that I can use to make games like Rap Quest and other games that have nothing to do with Hip Hop. Then in 2014, I thought that game development, if I could cake off like Dong Nguyen, could earn me enough to purchase beats and studio time to make a good EP (likely with a loose gaming theme).

Truth be told, when I finished Rap Quest 2 last year, I was dragging it across the finish line. I was thinking up new features at least weekly. I had deployment issues with iOS that held off the launch on that platform until a week or two after the April 1 Google Play launch date. But I knew that I had to get the first full release out, or I’d never publish it for all the tweaking and learning I keep doing.

Did you know? You can tap your Avatar to change your character for the ‘cutscenes’.

My iOS version is collecting serious dust, as the Construct 2 game engine (paired with the plugins I’ve used for the game) doesn’t play nice with iOS 9+, and the overall submission process REQUIRES having Mac OS. Since my 2010 MacBook is all but dead, I’m not sure if RQ2 is going to continue to get the forthcoming much-needed updates. My apologies in advance.

Recently, a couple RQ2 players reached out to me directly to implore me to keep fixing bugs and adding features. Lemme tell you, that ish works! It gives me a boost in inspiration, while also guilt-tripping me to not leave people that supported me high and dry. Incidentally I’ve also received some request for my own personal lyrical talents at local open mic venues, from people that knew me way back when. Synchronicity, amirite?

Hence, my pursuit of rapping again isn’t going to stop. I’m back into writing, and last week I met one of my Hip Hop idols, Elzhi, at his Jericho Jackson show in Mid-City LA. Before that, I was working on building a list of actually-affordable beats that I’d like to rhyme over; you can find the evolving playlist here.

Me and one of the illest rappers to walk the Earth, Elzhi.

The difference between then (when I thought I could only do one thing at a time) and now is that I’ve realized that I have to be me, which is multidisciplinary. One creative outlet shouldn’t hinder my ability to create in another, but time is the only limiting factor. As I begin to use my time more productively, like some of the creatives I know personally, I’ll be able to be the very Renaissance man that I’ve always aspired to be.

Abundance is the wave going forward. I hope you feel it, too. You might even see a return of Earth Tones, the webcomic, in the coming months and years. Who knows? Why not?

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