FDG Dev Diary: First Attempt

Hey Folks! In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be retrospectively chronicling the development process of Rap Quest 2, as well as eventually getting into some ideas I have for my next games. I’ve always wanted to do this, at least for posterity, and now’s as good a time as ever. Life is short.

So, RQ2 has been in the market for almost 7 months, with those downloading the app (mainly on Android) giving it an average rating of 3.5/5 stars. Here are some highlights of the project since release (note: I’ll dive into each one of these in a separate diary, so stay tuned):

  • We started out in landscape mode and moved to portrait, which was a massive amount of work immediately after launch
  • I briefly added an in-game Release Notes Overlay on the Splash Screen to alert players of the changes that were made with each successive update
  • I added a tutorial mode after players expressed a lack of guidance in how to play the game
  • I made some UI modifications to the Work, Studio, & Media screens to simplify the experience
  • I’m currently working on adding some new features that players have been asking for since the beta period, but there are also a handful of bugs to fix as well
  • Looking to the future of Rap Quest 2

I also want to touch on some other topics in this diary, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

  • RQ2 retrospective
  • Looking *way* back at the first Rap Quest
  • Upcoming projects that I really want to kick around, and also some projects that I should do instead to just get releases under the ol’ belt
  • Working solo as a black indie game developer (this one might need it’s own section of the site; virtually endless material here)

Coming from a small town in Indiana to Los Angeles, eventually living my dream of making games (currently for free, eventually for a living), I definitely feel it’s good to record my story so others like me can see this is possible. Meanwhile, props to all the indie devs out there grinding away on your pet projects and adding to your tool belts; my respect for the craft has grown exponentially since venturing into the world of game design and development.

Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for reading!

– Craig

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